What you can do with a bench grinder

A grinder is a handy power tool to have in your home toolbox’s arsenal. A grinder can be used for many purposes, such as polishing surfaces or cutting metals. Many people are often confused as to which grinder type is the most suitable for their needs. After all, so many are available on the market. There are angle grinders, belt grinders, die grinders, bench grinders, and many more. In this article, we will focus on the abilities of a bench grinder.

What is a bench grinder

A bench grinder is a standalone grinder that is usually attached to a desk or a workshop bench. It has two abrasive wheels that are used for grinding. It is relatively easy to use – you just put the item you want to grind against the wheels and turn the machine on. The wheels themselves come in many sizes and grains with each one performing a different function. Because of the wheels’ versatility, the bench grinder can be used for many purposes, not only grinding.

Bench grinder usages


You can use a bench grinder to cut pieces of metal or wood. Put the material you want to cut against the turning abrasive wheel and keep rotating it to ensure a clean and even cut. You can do the same with other types of grinders, like angle grinders, but using a bench grinder allows you for greater control and accuracy because your hands don’t have to operate the grinder itself.


You can buff different surfaces by using a buffing wheel with a bench grinder. The wheels made for buffing are covered with a cloth that helps with the polishing process. One thing to remember is that the item you are buffing will definitely get hot so you should prepare a bowl with cold water before you start working. Then just dip the item in the water every few seconds to keep it nice and cool.


A bench grinder is one of the best tools available for sharpening all of your other tools. You can sharpen any metal with it. It is recommended to slow down the speed of the rotating wheels so that you will be able to do the precise work properly. It also helps reduce the temperature that will undoubtedly rise when a metal item is put against the wheel. A bench grinder can be used to sharpen any metal, from lawnmower blades to regular kitchen knives.

A bench grinder is ideal for people who care for all of their other tools and want to keep them in top shape at all times. Working with dull blades can be dangerous so a bench grinder is a good investment that will save you money in the long run because your tools will last much longer now that they are taken care of.

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